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              Foam Control

              Keeping costs and tension low in foam control

              Foam can cause big problems for both you and your customer, from reduced productivity and increased costs to damage to materials. Discover how you can work with Dow to manage foam across a variety of industries with silicone and specialty surfactant foam control solutions:

              • Leverage lower surface tensions, stability across a wide range of temperatures and pH levels, less reactivity, longer-lasting properties, and effectiveness at much lower dosages
              • Address overflowing vessels, increased housekeeping costs, interferences with processing, damage to materials, slow drainage during drying and interference with packaging
              • Lower use levels, increase productivity, reduce production costs and save money in all stages of food and beverage production, processing, packaging and end use
              • Lower usage levels, improve washing efficiency and drainage for cleaner pulp, reduce the need for bleaching chemicals and improve knockdown and persistency for pulp and paper processing
              • Increase performance in applications like oil and gas; textiles; waste and water treatment; metalworking fluids; cleaning; and agriculture


              Close-up of mineral water bottles

              Control foam with silicones

              Discover the benefits of silicone antifoams and defoamers in a wide range of industries.